Earthquake Resistant or very sturdy Bamboo Brick Flooring
Bamboo brick flooring. Using customized bamboo bricks to make an environmentally friendly flooring


My idea for classy and eco- friendly flooring,
hopefully harvested organically (without the use of pesticides) :

is using bamboo bricks.

They do exist and are probably fairly easy to install
for the right expert.

Eco friendly materials are highly advantageous

for companies that wish to lower their carbon footprint
and up their game from an economic
and environmental standpoint.

This type of flooring could be  very sturdy as well as play a part in
creating a safe alternative to cement and steel
buildings which may buckle under the pressure
of an earthquake.

In the middle of the brick it could be hollowed out to
fit a sturdy tube of steel . once a row of bricks has been fitted onto
the tubes, the outer bricks will have a steel plate compressing
the row of bricks together, and then fastened to the tube.
The inner edges of the tube could have ribbed lining
so that the plate acts as a screw, creating clean lines.
If not wanting to use steel to hold the bamboo bricks on a tube
to prevent shifting then perhaps the flooring could be a raised platform
by holding the bamboo bricks in a customized , bamboo, recycled plastic or recycled fiberglass basin,
that holds the bricks securely, while making sure there are no empty
spaces in the floor. 
Additionally to prevent floors and subfloors from

buckling under the pressure of an earthquake

diagonal bamboo beams may be placed between

the bamboo brick layers.

The bamboo bricks 

could be held in a bamboo basin using regular construction methods and

tools using metal screws, etc...

Bamboo planks or boards can be installed over sub-floors, concrete and radiant heat installations and floated below grade. These floors are more resistant to moisture than solid wood and strand woven flooring is twice as hard as hardwood floors. They can be installed by nail down, glueing, floating or glueless lock together installation 

If we are looking to add bamboo bricks as a surface look 

we could use bamboo pavers,
by slicing the bamboo bricks in the same
way we would do with brick pavers.
The brick pavers would likely be a better solution if

you do not want to add a top layer

of finished flooring, however

the prick pavers with diagonal crossbeams

could act as a good subflooring to any

natural wood used on the surface layer.

Finally the end product will follow the guidelines the company would like to implement them for their unique challenges and purposes.

However, my final proposal would be
just using a bamboo basin with crossrow planks
like a grid to fasten the bamboo bricks in place.

This technique is known as solid bridging
Obviously you would want to have a plank underneath this
attached to the wood solid bridged frame to
hold the bamboo bricks in place.

If you do not mold these bricks to a specification
to where they are flat you will want to add
bamboo panels  on top of the rough subfloor brick foundation

The top surface bamboo panels can be painted or stained 

to your desired specifications and requests. 

You can also find a type of bamboo flooring 

called , distressed bamboo flooring

which has a nice vintage appeal to it 

I added a picture below to view this 

type of flooring.

In addition , if you'd like to build a completely earthquake resistant 

home, to better specifications, you could use guadua bamboo

beams / poles to add extra character as support beams in 

the reinforced corners of the home.

These beams could add character and be used in several ways,

even split in half , so that the flat hollow part of the bamboo

is facing up and could be used as the support floor

underneath the nice , finished bamboo planks 

on the surface. Of couse underneath the guadua support 

floor there would have to be a wood or steel molding

to keep the guadua from shifting or loosing its shape.

This could be done by adding horizontal steel rods,

through the sides of the bamboo beams ,

and attaching them to the outer frame, 

with screws and bolts.

producing a second grid frame

for extra support.

I realize Germany doesn't have many earthquakes but 

maybe if down the road you felt like raising money 

in order to build a certain amount of them 

a year in countries where earthquakes 

are more prevalent, like Japan.

Being able to use your talents as 

flooring professionals to help 

protect humanity from

natural disasters could be 

a wonderful thing for those involved.

Which problem does your idea solve?

clearcutting too many trees when there are viable and practical solutions for preserving our endangered forests

How does your idea solve the problem?

Bamboo is highly sustainable, which can lead to less deforestation, by not clearcutting tropical forests. Bamboo can be grown in temperate to tropical climate. The majority of bamboo is grown in China which has a diverse climate pattern which can range from temperate to tropical itself.

Rainforests not only holds 1/2 of all living species, Tropical and temperate forests are the lifeline of the planet.

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

the benefit for the esteemed clientel would be that they are implementing sustainable flooring that is great to look at and to walk on while protecting trees.

Which materials are you using and why?

Bamboo- because it is environmentally sustainable without

the need for cutting down trees

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

A very modern yet urban chic look.

It can please those looking for a cottage look, to those looking

for something that represents and fits their values and modern lifestyle