Dynamic Deformable Tactile flooring



Dynamic deformable tactile flooring. 

Based on the concept using air pressure to create projections of different patterns on the flooring/Rugs

Flooring(Vinyl, linoleum,Cork leather), Carpets and Rugs which have inflatable patterns... 


Two types of possibilities are there.. 

a) Static tactile carpets. Design inflated by using hand held pumps or vacuum cleaner with special adpater nozzle and closing the carpet nozzle. So we can have a flat carpet as well as a tactile pattern one : Two in one carpets!

b) Dynamic inflation and deflation will be done by using pumps based on the pumps used in hospitals for compression pressure on hands, legs and body.This technology already exists and can be adapted for larger carpets/ flooring. This pump works on cyclone compressor technology and inflates and deflates according to a fixed time..and it is possible to electronically fix for how long it will do so..

In action the pattern will rise and fall to a rhythm. When not switched on the pattern on the carpet is flat. This will be both for show .. as well as foot massage caused by the gentle rise and fall of the pattern. The third aspect!

Imagine the surprise in your friends eyes when they see the flat carpet's design move up and down.and it� s so nice to have a gentle foot massage at the end of a tiring day!


we have two types�

a) Individual inflatable rugs of different sizes.

b) Roll of inflatable carpet/flooring customisable to each home room by cutting outside edges to fit room..

Pumps possible to use..for filling air

a) Vacuum cleaner with special adapter

b) Hand pump

c) Pulse press like technology pump...

Small Pumpfor center of carpet and individual carpets and 

Larger size pump concealed near wall of room - for therapy ( feels nice underneath the feet) and for show.

Carpets/Rugs/flooring created by two methods. Creating air tubes using : 

1) Quilting/piping  style stitching of two layers ( visible )

2) Sticking two layers.. ( hidden)

Patterns are based on continuous loop design.. 


1) Linoleum


3) Printed Felt ( for individual carpets )

4) Thin Leather or faux leather

5) Cork leather or cork fabric


Pulse press pumps and how they work

http://www.mjsgrp.com/pdf/pulsepress/what_is_ipc.pdf . 


Only the pump technology will be used..  There is no plastic tube inside

Inspiration for idea:

Based on these concepts using air pressure to create projections of different patterns on the floor..



Work in progress..




Which materials are you using and why?

Cork fabric/cork leather , Vinyl , linoleum , felt , faux leather etc.

Which problem does your idea solve?

Three in one carpets or flooring. Can be flat flooring as well as tactile flooring as well as Dynamic motion flooring

How does your idea solve the problem?

By using air pressure to raise patterns in flooring. This can be done using various pumps

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

Three different looks and sensations with an added health benefit

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

Contemporary and modern

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