recycled plastic and or glass flooring
Recycled plastic wood flooring can be used alongside or as subflooring to recycled glass


Not only will recycled plastic flooring create an environmental
solution but a humanitarian one.

Less demand for hardwood could mean less deforestation
and in some cases less slavery as is a factor with some
Brazilian hardwood manufacturers.

Recycled plastic flooring can be bought ready made

though to protect it further , it might be a good idea

to use a water based epoxy coating to protect

it from fungi or bacteria.

If a client is looking for another texture to add to the wood floors, 
the top layer could be made of recycled glass.
This top layer of recycled glass, whether in chips, tiles
could also serve as shield to the wood underneath,
and could be the icing on a cake.

Of course you could just have a recycled glass tile flooring
made in different shapes and texture to fit a custom design.

Recycled plastic lumber however can still have
been treated with chemicals even though
it has not been treated with arsenic.

For that reason it is important to evaluate
where the source of this recyclable lumber
derives from, in order to find
the ones who do not treat their lumber
with unnecessary and hazordous chemicals 

By taking the necessary precautions to preserve 
the flooring yourself, you know what is going
into the floors and you can be sure 
there are no chemicals that are going 
into the products and are environmentally
responsable and friendly. 

In another project I have proposed using
water based epoxy  paint and 
photoluminescent paint
which would work really well 
with the recycled wood flooring.

The photoluminescent paint would look great at night
while on your patio.

You could also go with a non hazordous water based epoxy paint 
to help the deck or patio last longer under 
the rigors of being outdoors 

Artificial lumber does not transfer heat therefore
even if a home had many windows in the summer,
the floor would still be comfortable to walk on,
in your bare feet.

Recycled plastic wood can be used indoors as an alternative
to hardwood flooring in a residential setting,
but they are particularly useful for backyard patios
and other outdoor surfaces.

Which problem does your idea solve?

the problem this kind of flooring solves is deforestation and slavery and slave labor in Brazil

How does your idea solve the problem?

By using alternative substitutes it poses less demand for products from the tropical lumber industry

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

To provide a high quality flooring through environmentally sustainable products. The benefits usually trickle down , once people adopt these values and implement them in their lives

Which materials are you using and why?

Recycled plastic flooring can be to be or is naturally water resistant, therefore a variety of different solutions can be made for different rooms and types of flooring

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

A modern aesthetic, which can be classically comfortable or as modern as need be

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