was an idea for using fair trade eucalyptus planks- flooring
I understand the probems that challenge the tropical lumber industry


My top priority for a long time is fighting these injustices

in South America and in particul Brazil and the Amazon

that is why I hope Eucalyptus flooring

and trees will not be part of this

and suggest the growth of fair trade and

fair labor practices surrounding the lumber industry

and in particular the Eucalyptus tree or lumber industry .


If such a thing existed then Eucalyptus would be a good choice

for flooring needs and companies.


It grows quickly is dense and durable

and can be grown on a more rugged terrain

than other trees of its type .

Perhaps even a regrowing project on abandonned and clearcut

land could be proposed including the eucalyptus tree.

However due to the companies policy of not importing

tropical lumber this project is no longer

a viable alternative .



Which problem does your idea solve?

Regrowing our forests will also help in providing healthy ecosystems

Not a solution to deforestation and not an excuse to allow it to continue though regrowth and regeneration are good

How does your idea solve the problem?

Well eucalyptus wood can be a substitute wood for more endangered species of wood and grows abundantly which can also provide a canopy to prevent other environmental problems

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

To provide a sustainable wood that provides a strong wood that will have longevity in any home or construction use.

Which materials are you using and why?

Eucalyptus trees

I think they are undervalued and underused, and it has a lot of potential in flooring and building applications

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

Environmentally friendly and chic.

the wood is very clean looking and has a simplicity that is very elegant