brick or granite pavers with rock and water features
In summary , indoor brick pavers are setting the stage in indoor flooring for a timeless appeal


Bringing our love of brick indoors in conjunction
with interior decor can really set the stage
for some really beautiful rooms and designs

Instead of traditional brick which will possibly add height to a floor,
brick pavers are used to not only act as a brick
but is a brick through and through, except it is a way not to add too much extra height to the floor.

By placing the bricks to make different designs , to
adding other flooring materials and textures to
enhance a motif  ; brick pavers in my opinion
are set to take center stage not
only for a charming rustic look
but could be quite elegant as well

The great thing about brick is that it can be heated safely.

 If you are not using a brick / floor heating system ,

using a water based paver sealer

to make the floor a little more enduring

could be a good idea.


There are several patterns in which one can lay brick

The picture above  is consistent with a

herringbone pattern.

Of course there are coloured pavers if one should
opt for a more colourful look, however a natural brick
look is more of a sophisticated and classic look.

Combining the brick floor with a combination of rocks
and possibly a water feature
will add style and charm , indoors and outdoors
and leaves the possibility to create a beautiful
and functional space.

the different features that could be added with brick flooring
such as a wall water feature (waterfall ) using materials like
stone and copper which would really add a unique
feel to the room.

This wall feature could continue out to the floor
where there would be rocks within a copper or metal basin (catch basin )

or vice versa ( copper basin within a rock or stone wall)

with the proper filtering system for the
water to drain through and then flow back up
to the beginning of the water feature which would
start on the wall or at the other end of the floor

The difference with this waterfall is that it
would be connected to the home along
with the filtering system.
the pumps and filters would be hidden behind walls
and therefore invisible.

Of course if not wanting water over the rocks, you
could make the water run through the middle of
rocks or an indoor garden on each side,
as seen in the picture below.

The fun part about designing rock gardens, zen gardens, 

indoor /outdoor waterfall features is that it leaves 

a lot of room for creativity.

If you wanted to go even further underneath sparsely
laid rocks you could have plants growing to create
a garden effect.

If you wanted a beachy rock garden, you could
have sand underneath or next to the rocks
along with a few seashells, and for extra elegamce
could have a water feature like an infinity stream (water )
next to that, almost like being near the ocean or a peaceful
lake, creating a tranquil atmosphere in the room.

Creating a tranquil oasis with natural
earth elements is the key to a
successful project.

I think the next evolution in flooring and space design
could be about bringing the outdoors in.
Modifying our outdoor rock gardens,
waterfalls, infinity pools to a smaller scale
could be a great addition to our future
or modern homes and also more cost effective.

A great alternative to brick is a little more sleek looking 

polished granite.  Granite pavers come in different shapes 

and colours and add a beautiful contrast to eachother ,

with a beautiful design.

A polished granite floor can be classy and casual 

from a black and white checkered kitchen

flooring to a super extravagant victorian ballroom


With the water features it will look 

like you are living in a grecian palace.

Which problem does your idea solve?

Brick is a great material.

I assume it is fairly non toxic to the earth, and creates a charm that is warm and will last for decades

How does your idea solve the problem?

It eliminates more demand for wood and is thus eco friendly

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

the benefit to the clients looking for a new and attractive flooring concept will be charmed by the elegance exposed brick can provide.

Which materials are you using and why?

Brick pavers. I am proposing to use brick pavers as they are the choice of flooring experts because they create a level surface without raising the height of the floor

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

Rustic contemporary

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