photoluminescent flooring solutions
there are several techniques to add photoluminescent light and colour to a surface.


 Photoluminescent epoxy paint can create light even when

there is little to no light in the room.

Not only can they be used for floors but they can also

make beautiful wall murals with patterns.

Of course you could use it on the ceiling 

if that is where you would like to add 

some extra natural "artificial" light in the room.

Light from photoluminescence is considered a "cool "

light source therefore it would be fine to have 

in a room with a lot of plants.

A way to possibly create your own non- toxic , photoluminescent

paint for flooring that would protect floors from bacteria , etc...

might be to use a water based epoxy paint and mix it 

with photoluminescent powder ( colour of your choice ) 

and it would create a natural glowing epoxy paint

for private residences as well as for commercial buildings.

Photoluminescent paint is one way to create a glow in the dark

surface. It can also be applied to glass or tile manually

but this is a far more technical and labor intensive craft.

A solid photoluminescent paint  on wood

looks great and is one way to move

the look of natural woods or laminate flooring

into the future

If someone is making a pigmentented ( coloured0

epoxy paint, it is best to also add a uv resistant 

coating to the paint mixture or on top 

of the paint once it has dried. 

Indoors and especially outdoors this 

will prevent the paint turning a colour

you may not want in the future.

For those just looking to protect their flooring ,in

particular those with recycled glass flooring

a simple non- glowing water based 

epoxy paint or sealer will do the trick 

to help keep the surfaces clean and

looking great.

There is also an adhesive film you can apply to floors

if you do not want to directly paint the surface.

photoluminescent vinyl film is soft, flexible, and comes in both 
adhesive and non-adhesive backing. It can be easily cut into any shape required 
and the adhesive backing enables the film to be stuck on any normal, flat 
surface that is free from oil or grease

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Photoluminescent film operates in the same manner as other photoluminescent products by absorbing photons from ambient light, and then reemitting them, creating a distinct glowing effect.

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For photoluminescent glass or ceramics:

 Photoluminescent ceramics and photoluminescent glass are produced by adding photoluminescent pigment in the producing process of common ceramics and glass . Compared to the common ceramics and glass , the products can glow in the dark after they absorb the artificial or natural light. 

 Photoluminescent ceramics and glass can release a certain length light wave, which can prevent some kinds of mildews and diseases. 

       Photoluminescent ceramics and glass are corrosive-proof, friction resistance, fire retardant, aging resistance and free from radioactivity compared to other organic luminescent materials, which make it widely use in domestic houses and public buildings 

Which problem does your idea solve?

lack of je ne sais quoi

How does your idea solve the problem?

it can brighten, literally a space and make it a creative fun room or floor

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

Creating a fun atmosphere , also it saves on electricity by providing light

photoluminescent paint can add a lot of character

Which materials are you using and why?

photoluminescent paint and photoluminescent glass and ceramic tiles

Photoluminescent paint would work well on wood and laminate surfaces

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?