vintage look wood-UPDATE
new wood with special surface treatment to get the vintage, old, used look


create a vintage look for new wood with coloured wood filler, dyed with pigments, special polishing method and surface with oil
while working on specimen for my other submission "sandblasted wood", experimenting with different possibilties to create a special ecological surface on natural wood, this was a result for a new idea!

Which problem does your idea solve?

creating a old used look for new wood with a surface treatment containing only ecological materials (not only environment friendly, without lacquer), in a lot of variation concerning colour and individual look

How does your idea solve the problem?

working with special surface treatment based on ecological knowledge and experience, creating a new surface material, showing handmade specimen which can be done with machines as well

Which materials are you using and why?

ecological materials, which are not used in this way for my individual so called "vintage look" like I do before (done research on this, and know a lot about ecological surfaces for wood)

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

look above