I ching
I CHING heated massage floor


large stones, twice taller than wider that can be layed down in many different patterns like a standard building brick.  Each one has a different I ching symbol on top that doubles as a slip resistant surface for walking.  These massage stone tiles stay loose on the ground so they can be removed and placed on top of the body.  They have a rechargable battery inside and use no electrical cords ever, they charge by electrical induction when they touch the floor.

This would be suitable for any type of building.  it is installed in several layers. The first layer is a padding to make a soft walking surface.  Over that is a thin layer of induction coils that automatically power and charge any stone tiles that lay on top of it.  this intermediate layer is disquised as a bed of sand, but is a sealed and washable surface.  The final layer is the stone tiles themselves, and they are removable for decorative arrangement or for remote use.  the heating and vibration functions only activate when you apply weight to them by stepping or laying on them  and there is a master switch that can shut off everything or just the heat when the room temperature is already too hot.

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