Underground lava flow
Underground Lava Flow


Imagine a floor that swings in all different shapes with endless combinations with the simple fuxe of liquid ..... 

a transparent floor with liquid movement underneath recreating a new atmosphere of patterns that can change intensities and colors accordingly to orders  .... 

a giant lava lamp aspect right under your feet that moves with you and react to your sense ....




the lava floor will be constructed similar to a waterbed.

it is a large thin clear plastic water mattress filled with two kinds

of liquid that don't want to mix

On top of this, will be placed hinged tiles which are the exposed walking surface.

so when someone jumps or steps anywhere on the floor,

it disturbs the liquids and makes them move around as the pressure wave spreads through the liquid mass.

the floor tiles are clear square frosted glass panels with a clear

fabric hinge glued between them.  because the liquid is very thick, it istable to walk on, but soft and comfortable.

The lava also flows independent of human presence.  One of the liquids is  magnetic.  so by using an invisible electromagnetic field underneath, we can cause it to move around in preprogrammed or random patterns.

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