INFINITY is a flooring system using the concept of foldaway plates creating different geometries.


These geometries aim to be used for Art Galleries for display and seating purposes.

INFINITY is more than a floor covering; it is a moveable and adaptable concept responding to our need of motion. Life is nowadays moving fast and requires having everything quickly. INFINITY answers to this modern life by its self-ability to be what you want and when you want it.

Which problem does your idea solve?

INFINITY is creating its own forms, furnitures and spaces; therefore there is no need of additional features. It answers to every need of floor based support and seating and first of all it answer to the need of floor covering.

How does your idea solve the problem?

The natural strength and lightness of carbons plates linked by heavy duty hinges allow creating geometries by the simple use of any human hands eager to create geometry. There are four possibilities when creating geometries: - First: the Floor Tile only in itself ( all plates are folded into a flat surface) - Second: the Chair (using three plates) - Third: the Stool (using three plates) - Fourth: the Table (using five plates)

Which materials are you using and why?

The floor plates are made of carbon in order to have very high resistant-to-deformation board to keep the created geometries. This material also allows infinite finishes from metal aspects to matt paints. Therefore it is used for its ability to be strong and adaptable. Hinges are used to connect the floor plates and are made of High Strength Steel (HSLA) in order to perform the heavy duty needed by the different geometries.

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?

INFINITY is your own aesthetic. You are able to create and see your own wish of beauty. It is composed of minimal square shapes. It is finished with your wish. INFINITY follows you.

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