Parador-a casa
Parador-a casa binds a future technology in every home.


To charge a cell phone and have no outlet nearby? Your laptop battery is empty and there is power at an inaccessible location? Or they just want to make only one lamp to the left and the 3-meter cable is not long enough?
The solution: wireless electricity in each laminate or parquet modules. The advanced technology allows access to energy across the entire living area. The current interfaces could be provided with markings or LED lights, or equal to more complex systems (tables, etc.) are connected.
      Much power consumption generated by the lighting of hallways and other rooms already when it dawns. A controllable fluorescent floor could reduce these costs. The control system allows an individual on and off, and a color control of light - very handy for a relaxing bath or subtle lighting in the evening on the terrace.
      The constant cleaning of floors cost time, effort and space required for such devices. Inset modules for automated vacuum cleaners and other automatic cleaning machines create a solution with appropriate charging stations. Clean the appliances to be controlled if there is no one as often as desired. The submissions in the floor let the machines simply disappear. This saves a lot of time and space

Which problem does your idea solve?

  • Access to Electricity
  • Optimization of light
  • Cleanliness

How does your idea solve the problem?

The wireless electricity - new markets are opened and tested. An access to electricity without wires is the future and the first step is to integrate these modules into the ground. Mitangeboten be appropriate adapters and distribution of this power. Fluorescent floors are nothing new. What is new is its controllability. It is not simply that there is light, but rather that the customer determines when, where and what light he wants.

What is the benefit of your idea for the target group?

The proposed approaches are more energy efficient, allowing flexible use of electricity and to facilitate the daily work. You have to think modular and can be adjusted to suit the customers needs. There is no one floor - with heating - but different rooms with different types of use, all other claims must be supported. Floor and flooring technologies are an important part of the indoor climate and the performance for every day.

Which materials are you using and why?

  • Wooden modules with integrated adapters, sensors and submissions
  • Centralized control of electronics and light machinery

Which aesthetic does your idea follow?