Dynamic LOGO
Logo that changes color and/or shape to reflect current status.


The Stanford effort presents visual representation of data regarding the ever-evolving status of global peace. I am suggesting the unique feature of having the logo change color, and/or appearance to reflect the level of peace in the world at that particular time. This is almost the antithesis of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' �doomsday clock�.

The logo changes could occur on a regular, hourly, daily, weekly, or yearly basis driven by a simple algorithm. For example, if tensions are high, the logo might glow red, or turn violet when things are cooled off. Or the peace symbol separates to reflect severe border hostilities in different hotspots of the world.

A �Peace Gauge� in the form of a down-loadable �app� would keep all of use informed of the current state of global affairs. In addition to creating a very unique brand for Stanford's efforts, all viewers can quickly get an idea of whether to get on line with someone across the political or religious divide.

Note that I want to see this project succeed, but am (obviously) not a graphic designer. Therefore, I have merely submitted some simple idea starters for consideration. Anyone with a more artistic flare is free to incorporate this idea (of a logo that changes shape or color to reflect the level of peace in the world) into their designs. I'll share the $1.00!

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