Since the trainer will be used by kids of approximate age 10 i plan on designing my device with some fun and character. The basic idea is if a kid is practicing pitching and once he hits the middle section of the net which we can call a "perfect pitch" a pop-up will appear either on the side or above the frame saying PERFECT PITCH. If the child is practicing pitching this can be ideal for informing the kid on his progress on each throw. Depending on the distance away from the "PERFECT PITCH" on the net the baseball is thrown at different pop-ups will appear informing the kid on his each throw.  This will motivate the child try and hit a perfect pitch each time because he will be expecting a reward that is the 'PERFECT PITCH" 

If the child just wants to practice normal throwing and does not want the pop-ups appearing each time a mechanical switch on the frame will be used to disengage this function.

My design will study the maximum force generated on average by children in the 8-10 year range. Having studied these force the tension in the nets will be arranged in such a way that once a perfect pitch is determined a simple switching mechanism will be used to operate the different pop-ups.  Some pop-ups could have "TRY HARDER", "AIM CENTER". The words to come on the pop-ups can be well thought of as the design progresses. 

Pictures of design will come soon as the picture shown illustrates the idea of the design. 
This idea is a basic extension of the first idea. In this idea i would like to look at the pitch trainer as a device that gives back feedback. Hence the name, INTELLIGENT SKLZ PITCH TRAINER. 

Along with the pop-up idea in this version the pitch trainer will keep a tally or record of the pitches. Say the kid is practicing pitching, the trainer will have either a mechanically or electronic display of the pitches. It could have a total of say 10 pitches, from these 10 it will give a record as to how many were perfect and how many were not. In this way the child can also easily track his progress as he will always have a count that say out of every 10 pitches how many he got perfect. 

The mechanism will work by the net keeping track of each throw. It will be able to detect a throw by the tension generated in the net or ropes used. Once this is done then it will also record weather it was a perfect pitch or not.  if the child is training to just catch then this option of counting can be switched of as well. 

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