Personal Pitch Partner
Innovative Pitch Trainer with the Maximum of measurable datas, modern, functional Look.


The socket and Foot are made of heavy plastic Material. The clamping ring (racket), screwed inside the socketprofile is made of Aluminium, light and strong like a tennis racket. Its possible to repair the racket or change the hardness of the strings.
The red levers are to lift up, to change angle or clap together. when Released, they engage in the next hole. Both levers can be locked in the open Position by turning right 45 Degrees during lifting.There are 6 different positions for angles plus one for the clapped.
The Pitch Trainer is open and fix with two tent pegs on the Ground.
Ready for Training. To make the Electronic work put the 6 Monocell Batteries inside and turn on the switch. 
The Pitcher throw the Ball. If he hit the target, the Speed-Sensing Digital Laser Baseball send the signal to the board and make the speed immediately readable. This let let the pitcher work better on his throwing Position.
The Ballposition on the racket´s target is found out by the colourful grids of conductive Material. When the Ball touches the blue grid, he closes the contact and the blue arrows light up.
Similar the red, white and Centerpoint.
Also it counts the numbers of hits until the Training is over and the Maschine is offline.
When the Training is over, the Pitcher removes the tent pegs and clip them into the holders, lift the two red Buttons and let the racket clap down, and lock. In the Update, I made a curved racket, to train grounders, top flies and line drives. 
Optional, you can get a net with to sticks to plug inside the foot, 

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