Simple PitchTrainer
Hi All! The idea is to create very simple pitch trainer (cheap) with tent style construction.


Just like in tent you can set the frame by putting one end of element into second element. Velcro stripes for firm set of the net. The angle of pitching net is set by moving pneumatic (like trekking poles) elements. For transport and storage you just simply disassemble elements, put all on the net, fold it and use velcro stripes to create a kind of a bag.

Frame can be made of aluminum or some composite material.
In addition you can use provided bolts to attache pitch trainer to ground.
Some of the "frame-shots" will be absorbed by special spring-joint on both sides of the net frame.
Special Inside Elastic Cord System to make assembly easy (even for a kid) and to prevent loosing parts and mixing net-frame with stand-frame elements when assembling. 

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