Her way? Your choice! (Update 2, 17.07.2017)
Our raising hands form the path our children can walk on, to reach the other side.


The message of the campaign is that the future of our children lies in our raising hands - the symbol of free vote and People's Innitiative, all together creating their walking path and supporting their steps to a better future. The campaign visuals can be derived also with a young girl walking the cliff, with the text: "Her way? Your choice!" and with a whole row of children - "Their way? Your choice!"

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For the placeholder: http://www.istockphoto.com/photo/boy-walking-barefoot-across-stones-in-lake-gm638712686-114690569?esource=SEOGISCDN_Redirect http://www.istockphoto.com/no/photo/young-businessman-standing-on-edge-of-rock-mountain-and-looking-gm505414664-83675181 https://cz.depositphotos.com/118712672/stock-photo-set-of-raised-hands.html