Trust the People, Trust the System
We need to revamp the credibility of our institutions and people's capacity to shape them for good.


Democratic institutions exist for a reason, they are the product of hundreds of years of trial and error. From the early days of western civilization to our days, they have served as the foundations of the human project. Generation after generation, we have encountered obstacles in our capacity to build a sustainable system capable of satisfying the complex array of needs of all of those who live in it. When conflict has emerged, institutions have been the place to go, and as imperfect as they might be at certain moments, they have served as references of previous experiences, as well as gateways to improved and more stable ways of organization.

The post war period that took place between the mid and end of the 20th century, brought the consolidation of democracy and capitalism. What happened with the optimism that followed the consolidation of the “free world”? Did we take the system for granted? What conditions allowed the wrong people to reach positions of power and abused it? To what extent today, aren’t we confusing the people who abused the system, with the system itself?

Trust the People, Trust the System, seeks to bring people closer to this reality, the current crisis can be an opportunity to restore confidence in our institutions, but also, in our capacity, as citizens, to make these changes.

We are aware that this has been promised in the past, many times by cynical candidates in the context of an electoral campaign. Nonetheless, the Binding People’s Initiative represents a tangible approachable answer to the crisis of democracy. Democracy in the 21st century should be easier; taking advantage of technology, citizens should be able make informed decisions easily, and timely.

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