#READ Don't retweer
We're becoming fast in acting, responding, engaging, but mostly in blinded 144 characters.


The use of new media is making a lot easy, but within the lines, a lot of lies, misguided information and bad agenda are hidden within our little 144 characters. Twitter is changing the world of politics, but not all for good. Everyone is fast to engage and add their 144 characters or simply share the first 144 characters they come across.

My idea is to take the power of the 144 characters and get people into more acting then just reacting. Instead of just retweeting, I want people to see and udnerstand what lies between the lines of those 144 characters. Read and then retweet is a wake up call, that will help highlight the changing face of social media and the role it plays in politics. It is easy to post a tweet, retweet, but people hardly follow up on what's next. We go behind a hashtag only when it trending, but trending can be good and bad, and no one wants to look behind the trend, this is the wake up call I want to send through with this campaign, get people to know and realize that it's time to do more than just be one of the anonymous handler behind a hashtag.

(more to come)

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