People's power is stronger than people in power!
Every vote matters - we can bring the authority back to the people, where it truly belongs!


With each new election, people hope for better outcome and future for their countries. Sadly, that rarely happens, quite the contrary! It is very convenient for political class to occupy the authority and deal with all pressing matters single-handedly, without resolving to common sense or hearing what majority of citizens think. This often leads to unpopular political desicions which are aimed against the people. That issue is explained to us as “indirect” democracy - surely, there isn’t much democracy in a system where people’s opinion matters only on voting day, isn’t it? That has to stop, sooner rather than later! We, the people, hold the true power to make a change - let’s do it now, while we still can!

The positive change towards better public control over political desicions has to start somewhere. Binding people’s initiative is aimed in that direction! By holding frequent and decisive popular votes (referendums), many important communal, regional and country matters could be solved in a way that corresponds to society’s opinion. That mechanism is available in most contemporary democratic systems in the world, however, the outcome of such plebiscite is almost always non-obligatory for the governments. They can still do what their bidding no matter the results. This hypocrisy has to end, as it doesn’t correspond to common logic what is democracy and who holds the authority in a democratic society - the people or their elected representatives who often work aginst the interests of the whole society.

If the majority of ordinary citizens are aware of their true political power, then a solution to many political problems could be found! Binding decisions of public votes is one very important mechanism to make political class act in the interest of people...

The Solution and Communication parts continue in the Project Template; please read it thoroughly, as it explains a lot about my idea and the foundation it is built upon.

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