“Alone we are invisible. Together we are invincible”.


Is democracy limited? In many cases, politicians are more interested in obtaining the votes of citizens than listening to their voices, much less take them into account in making decisions that matter and affect them, it seems that after the electoral processes citizens become part of a percentage of the population only as part of a generic statistic, the problems of the country require other active opinions beyond those of the government and the political elites. A citizen apart from the right to vote for a "leader" does not feel involved in the action, doesn’t feel that his voice, ideas and opinions are really heard or represented in the best way, the system often corrupted happens to the foreground and in many cases the real and fundamental problems of society are not addressed in the best way, this makes people feel that they do not have real power in the politics and decisions of the country. Although citizens have proposals that could improve the situation of certain problems that afflict society, these ideas usually only become a topic of conversation in a family environment or friends, as they feel they do not have the voice or the medium to be able to generate a change or make a real and important decision that impacts on the functioning of the nation. That feeling of not being heard, of not being visible, of not being really represented by the political leaders, is the approach for the Communicational proposal, showing that individual citizens are hidden, individually we remain invisible, but that together we can be visible and invincible, and that these proposals can be valued and taken into account by all for a later application.

We use black and white photographs of a person with his face covered by a black box "invisible" because their ideas could not be heard yet, representing that person who feels they can’t do much with respect to political issues and with nowhere or how to project them, the messages are a wake up call and serve as an emotional...

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