It is time to turn the page
It is time to turn the page in the Book of Democracy!


Book of Democracy:

1st page

In 2017, Democracy is not what it should be! Ordinary citizens have little influence over political matters, which often puts them and their country into disadvantage.

2nd page

The political status-quo is not justified, but it doesn't have to stay that way, really!

What if ordinary citizens had more authority over political decisions? What if normal working people had the possibility to influence the outcome of government policies? Not only on voting day, when their opinion is respected and support lured by parties, but always?

3rd page

Binding popular initiative works in that direction!

Our mutual goal is to change the political system in favor of the citizens! We believe that ordinary people should have more to say about how their lives are governed, their businesses managed, their countries ruled. Their word has to count, and it has to count the most!

4th page

Step towards direct democracy is the solution for bringing authority back to the people!

Public votings (plebiscites, referendums) are important democratic tools allowing citizens to directly express their opinion over matter of politics, most often regarding general decisions for the whole community. These ballots are usually held on municipal, city, region, state and country levels.

5th page

The tool for more influence is here, we can depend on it! Only its implementation needs to improve.

Currently, public initiatives are trustworthy way for people to uphold their principles and believes. However, the results of such ballots aren’t mandatory for politicians and they often neglect the outcome, disrespecting people’s will by doing that. But they shouldn’t, and we can ensure it!

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