Zusammen für Demokratie
The idea that we can achieve anything together is not an illusion, it is a fact.


Each and every one of us has considerable power, but if we work together, as one, we can achieve anything. Not voting, not speaking our mind, is not an option in today's society. We have the means, the voice. We just need to want to change the world. The visual that I have created is very simple, but I think it can stand out because of it's simplicity. I have used the colours present in the Austrian flag and the key words - wir. alle. zusammen. - which mean we. all. together. Additionally, the words "für Demokratie" (for democracy) are clarifying the aim of the message. Finally, the targetet public consists of each and every cathegory of people. From children to the elderly. We can all, together, work for democracy. Through our voices and actions.

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The pictures I have used are my own. The font is Microsoft YaHei Light.