"Abstractization" of the common ignorant - eyes shut, hands crossed, restrained - cannon fodder


Unconcerned people will come together when every individual is being "threatened". The main key visual wants to convey the image of the common potential voter - silent and restrained.

Most people these days live "inside" their head more than in this world. As obvious as globalization is the only thing, in my opinion, that could spark interest in a unconcerned individual would be to show they way he acts - IGNORANCE and PASSIVITY. The idea wants the viewer to be angered or frustrated and react to "the negative" when being exposed as what he is, poetically a dandelion in the wind, truthfully a non-participating "statue" - i think that this is not harsh at all - people seem tired of the fluffy awe inspiring beautiful sunsets, gorgeous smiling women, fast cars and immense open space houses that they can't afford.

There are 3 elements that should deliver the message clearly as one's attention is retained: 1- Open your eyes - exposing the threats (written or shown with pictures on the site) 2- Raise your hands (solutions, reasons and motivation) and 3- Speak your voice - showing actual processes provided for the participative ones. - all these are included in the landing pages and the e-flyers.

Instead of telling people from get-go what to do and what they should do (they always know "better") i wanted to grab te attention with a question hence the "WHY?" title. It is meant to ask people "why are you like this" and to provide them a place where to go and state their opinion.

THE lower part of the posters should include CONTACT information (such as site or other ways the client has in mind for the people who want to parcitipate). I haven't included any since that is to be added later.

Illustration instead of photo: I think it is more attractive than a photo since every person that has a camera also has 11 million photos. Illustration is less seen these days.

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