Stand up for democracy (Act now)
Including people to be aware and act by exposing their needs interactively


People often manage the democracy concept but they don’t go deeply into it, which means they are not really aware of its real value. It seems they even would appreciate in some manner the concept of binding people’s initiative, however they don’t demostrate to have any strong conviction about the issue. Considering the fact that an accurate visual comunicacion concept can make people to get the picture inmediately, by introducing a campaign that involves the binding people’s initiative, the community can reflect on how much important and priceless their role is. This insight is aimed in a communicational theme that remarksin a dynamic way the fact of binding and how much power people can get as long as they are joined massively. Thus, by being aware of this fact, the communicational theme also encourages them to be active and entrusted to get their goal. The concept firstly invites people to be aware of the power they have together by interacting and promoting their needs through the binding people’s initiative. On the other hand, the campaing remarks the message outdoor posters and guerrilla campaign.

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