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Welcome everyone, it is a pleasure to welcome your creative minds in this exiting project, where you have to chance to design and work for one of the most exiting cars going to hit the road in the next few years!

I will be your creative guide, helping you to get the best out of your submissions. I am already exited for your creative, value adding ideas and the visual you will create. Be aware the submissions in this project are all about 3D printing in the end. So make sure that the visuals, renderings and sketches you submit in this project phase, can be transferred in 3D-printable files later on. If you cannot deliver 3D printable files in the second phase of the project, please do not submit in this project.

Ready to go? Before you start creating, sit back, take a deep breath and...

1 ... check out the brief - read it, read it again, and once more (not kidding, it is essential you get the project idea right).

2 ... be sure you get familiar with the VW ID Buzz, the car this project is all about, at least read this.

3 ...check out Benchmarks and Inspiration for 3D printing.

4 ...check the timing and project milestones. Make sure to submit early, so you can get feedback, improve your idea and have a higher chance to win one of the amazing awards.

5 ...have a look at the idea template. So you know what is expected from your submission.

Now it is up to you - go ahead, submit your customer centric, 3D-printable (product) ideas that will increase the customer's experience in the VW ID Buzz even further.

All the best, Markus

Hi Markus,

What a nice project! I was wondering if we could get an actual 3D model of the van, since it's a 3D printed design contest. Would be great! ;)

Best regards.

What a great project! I was wondering if maybe we could have some photos with the interior or exterior of the van. I think that would help us a lot in developing our ideas for this project. Looking forward! :)

Hey guys and girls, I will check with the client to see if we can get some official visual material or even 3D models for your work.

Have a great, inspiring weekend!

Yours, Markus

Hi Markus. Quick question, (or maybe a dumb question). Just curious- what does the "I.D." stand for in the name? So far I haven't run across it in any of the links, or maybe I missed it. Thanks!

Good question! So the "I.D." in "I.D. Buzz" is the name of the series of cars. It goes back to a car concept study VW first presented in the end of 2016. This concept car was the baseline on how VW imagines the future of driving for their company. You can find more here.

On this German website I found an explanation where the concept car got its name from. "The name is not an abbreviation for a certain term. It is rather symbolic for all the traits, the car combines: autonomous driving without emissions, intuitive control and customised connectivity." (be aware this is the explanation for the concept car.

Hope that helps.

Hi Markus, thanks for your reply. I thought for sure it would be an abbreviation of some term. Especially since there are periods after each letter in the logo Brand. I think that signifies that the letters stand for something. (IMO). Quite a few years back we had the PT Cruiser over here, which was a big hit at the time. And it wasn't widely advertised, that the "PT" stood for "People Transport". So I thought there must be something here with the Buzz! Thanks for the info and links, I'll keep looking!

3 D model of the car would be great - So design´s could be scaled ready for 3 D printing - Models could be *.obj - *.fbx or *.max - Thanks

Hi Mocki! Working on it, but have not heard back yet. In case you have questions, let me know.

Cheers, Markus

It looks that the 3D model of this car is available - so it would be realy from VW to give us the files - Thanks

I asked myself - If i look into all the ideas and the respective owner - can YOU fullfill the request from VW ??

"If you cannot deliver 3D printable in the second phase of the project, please do not submit in this project." I have doubts...........


It would be really helpful to have an initial short feedback from the client regarding the ideas posted (general at least). There are already many ideas and would be nice to get a feel if we are on the right track or not, which ideas we should move forward on and which not to.

Thank you!

Hi Alex, yes the ideas go into the right direction. As the briefing is rather wide, everything that adds value to the target group (and beyond) when using the car is considered "on the right track". But always feel free to go a different route than what your peers have already submitted.

Cheers, Markus

You know about it, you've seen it, but in any case - just to be sure, i will post this Buzz presentation here:

Hey guys, how did you all get your hands on a 3D image of the Buzz interior. Anyone?

Amazing, i guess this is the most joyfull task that we gonna work on ... I consider all of us would love to have one of it ...once! It would be extremly useful if we get some nice pics of the car and of course 3d model....!!!

Hi guys and girls, I eventually heard back from Volkswagen on the matter of pictures/3D model of the car. For this phase they will not be able to provide any material but hope to be able to do so in the 2nd phase of the project.
So for now, please go with the material available. As you can see your fellow creatives have already created some nice visuals and ideas.
On another note: Please do not use the 3D model from hum3d that has been posted earlier by one of you. It is not an official model of the VW I.D. Buzz.

Best, Markus

I see a lot of smart and functional ideas in the project, but it is hard to utilize "3D printing" in a way that customizability is worthwhile. What do you think about "customizability" and "functionality"? Are must have features for this project? Or is it ok to accomplish one of these features?

*Are they must have features for this project?

Hey Aybars, value add and functionality in your 3d-printable product is most important to make customers (Car buyers) happy - of course customisation is great. But without great added value und a useful function, customisation is worth nothing. You know what I mean? ;-)

Cheers, Markus

Hey guys and girls,
halftime feedback is around the corner and I wanted to thank everyone who has submitted ideas so far - or is working on new ones to submit.

Here are some hygiene factors to consider (for the halftime feedback and beyond):
1. Make sure you fill out the descriptions on the idea slides. A good visual is great, but some explanatory words help to make a submission professional and complete.
2. Point out the 3D-printing aspect of your idea. It is an essential part of the briefing. If your idea consists of parts that are not 3D-printable, mention this.
3. Check your image uploads and make sure they all fit the required size!

So, what is/was the deadline time to submit on Sept 14th for the half time judging?

I am confused because every other deadline except the halftime feedback has the time shown along with the date, That is...

Submission Start: Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 17:00 Berlin time Halftime Feedback Deadline: Friday, September 14 End of submission phase: Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 17:00 pm (Berlin time) End of the rating phase: Thursday, September 27, 2018 at 17:00 (Berlin time)

Hey sarkar + everyone else, as some of you asked me the same question, let me quickly clarify.
Usually in our projects halftime deadline is at 5pm Berlin time. When setting up the project timeline, project management forgot this time to clarify the exact time for the halftime deadline. Therefore we decided that every submission/update that comes in until today (Friday), 11.59 pm (Berlin time) will be considered "pre-halftime deadline".

A pre-selection for halftime-winners has been made on the current state of submissions, but will be adjusted if necessary.
Sorry folks for the inconvenience - and happy creating!

Hello everyone halftime feedback is there! Please read carefully. Looking forward to your updates and new ideas!

Cheers, Markus

Will we get individual halftime feedbacks?

HTF is informative, but looks more like a better writen Brief. There is nothing on what precise elements we should focus the most (what Client likes), size or technical stuff or what type of ideas are best to develop more, so we can use it to further develop or even change ideas.

And also, could it be possible to extend the deadline a bit? until Monday for example, to have the weekend to work. Not enough time after the halftime feedback which was actually more like a latetime feedback in my opinion;)

I agree. Unless the Sponsor had been actively commenting on submissions up until the "halftime" feedback stage, so that we had a feel for where this contest was going, how can creatives like me with limited graphics abilities be expected to finalize everything between the halftime award announcement and Sept 27? :-)

I agree, very late hafltime, more like "less than one week-feedback" Extending for the weekend would be great.

So...we've already received the "ending soon" notice, and yet no word on the Halftime winners? What's going on?! ☹

Hey jovoto team,

in case you decide to prolong this project, please let us know asap! It's very important for me (and for others) to know if we have 24 hours or less to finalize our ideas or some uncertain period of time.

Trying to catch deadlines is tiresome. I really don't want to rush my ideas toward completion and eventually see that project hasn't ended when it should had.

Looking forward for a quick confirmation of deadline and thanks in advance!


If i read the last comment from (Markus-Contest-Guide) "For the last 24 hours I suggest you work on details of your idea..... " So i guess the contest will not be extented............. ?!

I wrote PM to Markus, he will check the matter with the project team and will tell us as soon as possible.

Hello everyone!
I reached out to the project management team, asking for prolonging the contest over the weekend, due to the points raised by you.
As long as I do not hear back, deadline for tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 20th at 5pm (Berlin time), remains unchanged. I am doing my best to get you guys and girls a couple more days to finish your ideas - fingers crossed!

Same counts for the halftime winners - he we are also awaiting final confirmation by VW for the announcement.

Stay tuned! I will comment here, as soon as new come up.


Ok, here we go.
We have agreed with VW to extend the deadline until Sunday 11.59 pm (Berlin time). So enough time for you to do the final polishing of your ideas - but be aware, expectations are even higher now ;-)
The end date will stay the same, which shortens the rating period. Project ends on September 27th, 5pm (Berlin time).
You can see the change reflected in the timeline on the right side of this page.

Now happy creating!
Oh and by the way: We will be able to announce half time winners probably tomorrow. So stay tuned.

All the best,

Ladies and Gents,
Halftime winners are official!
VW decided for the three following ideas (in no particular order).
Congratulations to
Herbert Gsottbauer for -noclonk-
Barbu Bogdan Alexandru for BUZZ TUNER
Hakan N Türkmen for Customizable Side Support

According to VW, the final choice was a tough decision between many good ideas.
You see, that the directions the Halftime Winners follow, are diverse. There is no way that is absolutely right or wrong. As long as the benefit for the car owner/customer is clear, 3D printability is ensured and there is a connection to the car (in aesthetics, value add, functionality, etc.), many creative ideas are possible.

Happy creating for the final phase of the project and congratulations again to the halftime winners :applause: !


Congrats to 3 winners, great ideas indeed!!!!! Is it possible to share with us the other hf shortlisted ideas ? It will definitely help use more!

Hello Pavlina and everyone,
no more ideas will be shared, to avoid category bias in your submissions.
To give yo some insight: More than a third of ideas that had been submitted until halftime, had been shortlisted by VW. As you are aware of the diversity of ideas in this project, it is clear there is really no right or wrong way to go here.

Stick to the brief and show the benefits of your product in functionality /comfort/customisability, make it unique (if there are comparable products in the market), keep the 3D-printing production in mind and keep an eye on aesthetics and your idea will be on track.

Good luck to all of you!

Hello everyone,
I hope everyone could make good use of the extra days you got from the extended deadline. Anyways, time flies and the last 24 hours in the contest are about to start.
Make sure you:

- Have updated all your ideas/submissions you wanted to improve
- Set detailed and clear descriptions for all your ideas
- Did not forget about 3D-printing and why it is useful for your submission in particular ;-)

Good luck to all of you!
All your submissions are much appreciated - so thanks a lot for the effort you put in!


Hey Markus, when we will be able to vote? It is Rating Only Period, but stars are missing? Cheers!

Hey monnypd,
thanks for pointing that out. There has been a technical error which has been resolved. Stars should now appear for everyone.

Happy rating!

Hi Markus, ich hatte einige gute Ideen, aber wenn VW es nicht mal schafft, den 3D-Buzz allen Leuten hier zur Verfügung zu stellen, würde ich formulieren: Wozu? Grüße;-) D.Klein

Thanks for your feedback. Good ideas are always appreciated and I hope to see yours next time in the contest.
I'll bring up your remark about the missing 3D model in the next meeting with VW.


PS: Switching to English, so everybody can understand the reply :)

I think the conditions have been cleared and anounced very clear from VW - even some of us wanted also to work with the BUZZ 3D file - So everybody had the same requirements and conditions - So everybody could decide "take it - or leave it " and btw. i think VW can live very well with your decision - to get no ideas from you............ ;-)

Hello Marcus! Why the rating stars are still active? After the end of the project we can not vote so i guess there is a bug! I will also report it to the support!

Same happened with the last few projects. In my opinion, the voting period is manually turned on/off. It used to be an automatic process(with the old system). So maybe someone from jovoto team will lock the voting tomorrow?

Hey guys, why are you voting today? The deadline to do it was till yesterday.

The ratings after 27.09 5pm (CET Berlin time) will be annulled, so they won't count. Sorry for the confusion. ;)

These votes will not count anyway, so i guess it's just a waste of time! ;)

The ratings after 27.09 5pm (CET Berlin time) will be annulled, so they won't count. Sorry for the confusion. ;)

Its part of german special creativity to stay reliable. So you are right: VW got bigger problems that I am able to solve;-)

Hello everyone,
thank you all so much for your submissions in the I.D. Buzz 3D printing project. You came up with some amazing approaches, well done!

We at jovoto are finishing up the internal project wrap up and will be announcing community winners later this week.
Meanwhile, VW is busy choosing the winner's of the client awards, which will be announced shortly after.

Thank you all again for your participation!
Stay tuned for the winner announcements.

All the best,

Hey guys and girls,
sorry for the wait.
The project management team is super busy to clarify the final details with Volkswagen. You will be the first to know as soon as we got final confirmation on winners by Volkswagen.

I will kick the responsible project manager to give us all a final date!
Until then, enjoy your Sunday!


Dear Creatives, I'm happy to announce the community winners of the VW project! Congratulations to:

1st - Hakan for his idea submission.

2nd - Marya for her minicycle submission.

3rd - Barbu for his Buzz tuner idea submission.

4th - Razorx and wildyracing for their MMCG submission.

5th - Efkan for his Buzz Panelsocks submission.

6th - to Tiberiu and wildyracing for their idea the Vaultsubmission.

Further congratulations to : 7th - Architempofor Reinventing the Wheel submission.

8th - Tolgafor the ideaBuzz Air Freshener submission.

Thanks again for all your great work.

All the best,



Congratulations to all winners.

Thanks to everyone for their precious support and votes. Big congratulations to all winners and all of the contest entrants also deserve a special congratulations for their efforts...

Congratulations, nice designs, well done

Huge congrats to all, well done! :)

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to all!!

all the best guys, and to all of the others with or without prices, all of it were super contributions...

Congratulations to everyone!

Congratulations to everyone.

Well done guys! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Great ideas.

I want to thank everybody for the votes and congratulate all the winners and participants!

Congratulations to the winners!

Congrats to all!

I know you guys have been waiting for the remaining two winners. Finally I can announce them:

Best Feedback goes to Conor Cooper

And Best Collaboration goes toThe Grid

Congratulations you awesome people!

Hi everyone, I see the Second stage project is life. Who are the selected and shortlisted ideas?

Congrats Conor, you deserve this award! ;)

hi guys, does anybody know what`s about the second round of this project, who is selected or is the second phase an separate project. I must say it is not very clearly communicated?!

Dear Creatives, I'm happy to announce the 10 Client's Shortlist award winners. Congratulations to:

voinealex for MY BOBBLEHEAD FAMILY submission.

hrtruth and MKAA for Your personal sun visor submission.

Steffen Schmidt for Individual Ergonomics Adaptions submission.

spaceball for CLICKdifferent submission.

tolga tuncer for Buzz3DFrame -V2 submission.

Architempo for Reinventing the Wheel submission.

Tondou for VW Lighthouse submission.

Aylin Yılmaz for Buzz Fence submission.

Marios MOncadas for BUZZ MONKEY submission.

Eduard Betiuc and Cristina Onita for Dash tidy submission.


All the best, Dhani

Hi you all! Me again!

Finally, let me announce the Winners who moved on to the second phase:

Stefanelid for BUZZ Trails submission.

Herbert Gsottbauer for his -noclonk- submission.

MKAA for his VW ID BUZZ Steering Grips (Updated) submission.

Eduard Betiuc for his Airin submission.

Cristina Onita and Eduard Betiuc for their ”Semaphore” camping lights submission.



Congratulations to everyone and for the wide area of selection getting to the next step.

Congratulations! Are these the client's choice awards?

Congrats to the shortlisted ideas, as well to the TOP 5!

Congrats to all!!!!☺

Congratulations to all winners!

Big Congratulations to all the winners.

Congratulations to all winners!

Congratulations to all winners!!

Congratulations to the winners, and to all those who exercised their creatively so nicely in the contest (winner or not) :-)