THE GRID - freedom to divide
a customized grid to divide the back space and with an extra fixing elements to multiple function

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


One of the main features of the I.D.BUZZ is its "CLEAN" design, ergonomic, bold and in a way "devoid", however this car will be an uplift of the old VW, suitable for families, fun and movement. Thus it will be necessary to create the indispensable accessories so that you can "serve" passengers dynamically ensuring that the whole interior meets their needs.


The open and convertible space is the perfect solution, however it does require some transport needs that must be ensured so that luggage or other extras are safely secured inside. An adjustable, flexible, customizable and with a language synchronized with the design of the new VW will be a very desirable "extra". An "extra" that becomes economical and viable due to the new 3D PA technology and guarantees the ecological characteristic present in all the I.D.BUZZ.


A flexible and removable grid, printed on nylon filaments (PA) through a 3D printer, makes this solution economical, versatile and cost-effective with unique features: - possibility to close or adjust opening, as required; - possibility of dividing different sections of the vehicle; - customizable solution with different color and pattern options - removable clamp system, adjustable to different needs, to hold shopping bags, luggage, animals ....

Need addressed by this product

Easy to adjust or move inside the inner space, THE GRID may still be partially open or fully closed. It can be adjusted from several angles depending on the needs and allows to control the interior space and objects.

Further elaboration of the product

PA FILAMENTS (NYLON FILAMENT): This material is perfect to give flexibility to the grid; allow different patterns designs (customization) and colors; different positioning of the grid; multiple solutions of "Grips".

Further elaboration of the product

A system of movable and flexible "grips" allows to fasten additional elements to the structure such as shopping bags, luggage, animals, etc., preventing the contents stored in the back from being loose and moveable. These "grips" will also be printed on the same 3D print material as THE GRID.

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