A 3D printed soft silicone seat belt pad that inflates turning into a pillow.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


On long drives or even just on a short trip to the supermarket, comfort inside the car is essential. Even though the seat belt is clearly a lifesaver and people know that very well, many decide not to wear it because it feels uncomfortable. The solution for that is the seat belt pad/cover which takes away some of the discomfort. Another problem while in the car is finding a good position to take a nap, reason why many choose an inflatable pillow.


It would be ideal to solve the SAFETY, COMFORT and SLEEP issues with just one product.


The 3D printed pad is made from soft flexible silicone and makes wearing a seat belt much more pleasant. When air is pumped into it, it inflates and turns into a seat belt pillow, ideal for a good sleep during a long drive. 3D printing makes such a product really easy to produce because there is no need for gluing, stitching and more. It can be produced as a single object. In addition to that, 3D printing allows customization for each individual pillow (patterns and/or name tags)

Need addressed by this product

CUSTOMISATION POSSIBILITIES - The customer can choose between a wide range of possible designs from the PILLwOW Library or even create his own personalized one. PILLwOW is created by utilizing full-color 3D printing technology, the design comes straight from the printer, no additional step needed.

Further elaboration of the product

HOW IT WORKS: 1) INFLATE - open air valve & press the built-in air pump. 2) DEFLATE - open valve & press pillow.

Further elaboration of the product

Even though it works similar to a standard inflatable pillow with a built-in air pump, PILLwOW is 3d printed as a single soft silicone object similar to the artificial heart already in existence. (please see link on the 5th slide) --->

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