Customizable Side Support
3d printed and customizable, seat support add-on

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Proper seating position is very important for human posture. While driving a vehicle, we also need side supports for a better control especially on the turn of the curves.


In large, moving spaces, people may need embracing seats for more secure and comfortable trips. The solution has to be detachable, easy to clean and most importantly customized for their body.


3d printed side supports are customizable for every unique person. Different sizes for different body types and color options for different visual tastes...By taking air into the its structure, it does not cause to sweating.

Need addressed by this product

3d printed add-ons for a better driving comfort and healthy posture... It supports neck, waist and sides with its structure. Thanks to its flexible and shape shifting inner shell parts, it is adjustable for different body types.

Further elaboration of the product

Customers can customize the add-on for their body thanks to 3d scanning and it will be printed at selected VW stores around the world.

Further elaboration of the product

It could be printed with various colour options. Available for all of the single seats and helps to enhance the comfort of passengers and to personalize the interior of the VW I.D. BUZZ.