Enabling perfect fit between seat and user, and possibility to transfer the fit across vehicles

2: Young people driven by design & innovation and 1: Families with kids


Personal comfort is important to vehicle drivers and riders. The "one size fits all" kind of car seat, which is prevalent in the industry, is based on an "average" anatomical size and body shape of the user. Naturally, such seats do not conform well to the anatomy of many users, e.g. in the case of petite people, or youth, or kids who have outgrown car seats. Until now, users had no choice but to accept car seats the way they are, or buy aftermarket lumbar support pads, etc.


  1. The time is ripe for VW to give users more personalized seating in vehicles, starting with the Buzz.

  2. Vehicle seats add to the vehicle curb weight and therefore it makes sense to explore lighter seats that do not sacrifice comfort or safety...perhaps by bringing 3D printing into car seat manufacturing and optimizing the "fill ratio" of materials!


  1. Users get an option to have their torso, pelvis and seating posture analyzed at VW dealership, so a custom-3D-printed seat ADAPTER shall be made and installed in their car seats. With the right amount of cushioning, breathability (e.g airflow, cooling) and great fit.

  2. VW manufactures the Buzz with seats, especially the front row seats, capable of "mating" with the ADAPTER. More ambitiously, the base seats themselves may be 3D printed to reduce weight and cost without sacrificing safety.

Need addressed by this product

Personalized comfort for each user. The seat ADAPTER can be easily unfastened if needed, or swapped with another depending on who's driving, etc.

The seat remains usable and "average" comfortable without the adapter. The seat, if also 3D made, is lighter, saves materials and energy.

Further elaboration of the product

Shown for representative purposes- Toyota's experiment of 3D printed car seats, which significantly reduced total vehicle weight. Note how the "fill" in the seat is reduced, and yet the lattice geometry confers cushioning, durability and safety. 3Dprinted custom ADAPTER will give precise fit.