Your personal sun visor
Make it unique

2: Young people driven by design & innovation and 1: Families with kids


Did you ever pay attention that every car has a sun visor and all of them look just the same ?!


Sunvisor have potential to become something more. Within design and functionalities.


Our idea is to personalize your own sunviser, to make it unique, cool and just yours.

You can choose from many different 3d patterns, colors, functionalities and attachments.

Need addressed by this product

Sunvisor have a simple form and is suitable for research of its form.

Customer could choose from many differrent patterns, suggest/modify pattern and choose color/material of sunvisor.

Surface can be modified for many different attachments that customer need like ipod, phone, mirror, audio, etc.

Further elaboration of the product

Visualization of one possible pattern option and collor.

Further elaboration of the product

3d model visualization