VW ID BUZZ Steering Grips (Updated)
Customised steereng wheel with additional accessories

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Steering wheel is major part of driving experiance. It is driver's best friend.


Driver need to be confortable using the steering wheel. With all functions of car should be placed on it, to improve usability of car and all of its functions.

Grips of steering wheel should allow more features, like heating, cooling, massageing, stiffness control, etc.

These element can't be manufactured with simplier technologies, but incorporated with complex 3d printed structures.

There is meny online 3d app whithin you can make many shapes One of those is: http://www.meshmixer.com/


Steering wheel should have two options. One complete printed piece or one fully modular.

If you want full experiance at once or you want some accessoires for longer trips, you will choose options regarding the needs.

Outer ring have potential to be much more atractive.

Dimensions and functions of current steering wheel fit an idea to be advanced more and can be replaced with 3D printed parts.

Need addressed by this product

Some modules are more hi-tec with possible add-ons like camera, screen, etc. (Upper and lower modules)

While grips have Light system, Cooling and Heating circulation system. (another elements could be added to grips, like additional buttons)

Further elaboration of the product

Structure of modules can be Cellular structure (solid - bone, sponge like) or Shell structure (hollow - outer mesh, web).

Both structures can range in its flexibility, stiffness and desired patterns.

Shape can be adjusted so it can fit drivers hand in most confortable way.

1,2: Solid; 3,4: Hollow

Further elaboration of the product

Visualization of varius ways of Modules combinations and colours. Shape used for visualisations is Shell structure with diagrid pattern.

All solutions (solid, hollow) are easy printable regarding the size and materials of parts.