Buzz Tunes
Unique wind instrument that gives each Buzz its own signature sound/melody

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The fun factor is important. Remember when we were kids and would get excited at the sound of a familiar vehicle even if it was not yet visible? Or, how we would get excited at the jingle played by an ice cream truck? Today, vehicles - and especially electric vehicles - make less sound while moving. And the sounds are rather "standardized" due to uniformity in production processes for each car model.


It would be fun, and cool, to be able to bestow each Buzz vehicle with a unique, recognizable musical sound. With a melodious unique sound for each vehicle, the VW Brand and Buzz model get noticed and remembered.

A design tool for this idea (Printone) exists, and works with Autodesk (see ).


3D printing will be used to confer unique, and even personalized, sound outputs to a wind-powered musical instrument that Buzz owners can choose to mount on their vehicles. "The sound of a wind instrument is governed by the acoustic resonance as a result of complicated interactions of sound waves and internal geometries of the instrument." There will be options to mute the sound, or to dismount the instrument, or to swap it out with another tune. Imagine "Mary had a little Buzz" (i.e. lamb)!!

Need addressed by this product

VW 3D gurus can optimize a gramophone record-shaped wind instrument, 3D printed to create the necessary internal geometry. If a significantly-different geometry is needed, we can install that under the front of the Buzz, and print the name of the music (and other personalization) on the record.

Further elaboration of the product

The acoustic instrument must be 3D printed, since each tune requires that there be appropriate air entry points, interior air columns and escape holes (for the music notes), resonator, etc, thus creating the specific tune.

Like a windup music box, but here using air power and running in a loop.

Further elaboration of the product

I understand that not everyone may want a "gramaphone record" displayed on their hood. If the user still wants a signature tune for his Buzz, an instrument may be mounted under the vehicle or on the roof.

A digital file of the tune will also be stored in the in-vehicle infotainment system.

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