A surface that can adapt to hold any object.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


There has always been a need for different gadgets to hold objects in a moving car, like cup holders and phone holders/mats. Now when we are moving towards an era of driverless cars the activities inside are going to become more diverse which means there will be the need to hold in place a wider variety of objects.


We need to have a holder that can adapt to any object, something that can be placed in a variety of spots around the car.


MORPHEUS is a surface that can adapt to hold any object. It has a multitude of telescopic pins that move up and down in order to create different cavities on the central table or the dashboard. Such a surface requires highly complex parts that would be very difficult and time-consuming to create by using traditional methods, but with 3d printing, it's an easy job.

Need addressed by this product

Morpheus has only 2 PARTS: 1) The spring top surface is a single complex object made out of a matrix of flexible spring pins connected at the bottom (only possible through 3D printing). 2) The guiding surface that keeps the flexible pins from moving side to side (injection molding or 3D printing).

Further elaboration of the product

CUSTOMISATION POSSIBILITIES - The customer can choose between a wide range of possible designs or even create his own personalized one. The spring top surface is created by utilizing full-color 3D printing technology, the design comes straight from the printer, no additional step needed.

Further elaboration of the product

INTERACTIVE SURFACE - If LEDs and would be added on the tips of the guiding pins Morpheus could also show information, lighting effects, and even react to the user (pressure or heat sensors) - e.g. putting an object on the surface would generate a water-like circular ripple effect.