Buzz Air Freshener
The air freshener specially designed for VW cars makes you relax and enjoy your journey.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The researches reveal that car owners do not prefer car perfumes unless they are forced to. Both the synthetic and heavy smells, and the plastic-weighted, identity-free design of odor packaging, perpetuate this negative perception of auto perfumes.


This is an important opportunity to bring a product that will appeal to the senses and offer natural fragrance. In my opinion, VW ID Buzz needs to have an unique air freshener specially designed for it, that will complete its spacious and joyful interior.


Buzz Air freshener consists of 3d printed parts and a laser cut felt part. The user can use it for air purifying, odor absorbing, smell removing, and air refreshing. Placed into the air ventilation holes, Buzz air freshener provides a relaxing and pleasing environment with its natural and soft aromas and boosts the joy, taken from journey. In addition, the design has a customizable front parts that can be adapted into different models of VW cars using the same 3d print base.

Need addressed by this product

Using the color scheme of the BUZZ ID car, the air freshener pleasingly blends well with in the interior. The air coming from the ventilation passes through the felt and spreads into the environment.

Further elaboration of the product

The details are described in the visual.

Further elaboration of the product

Using the same 3d printed body, the customizable/detachable front part makes it adaptable into different models of VW with a variety of CMF options.

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