The Explorer
The Explorer lets you discover more than where you go and enjoy its special ambient ligthing.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Thinking about Legenday VW T1, advanture and discovery some of the first things coming to mind. People went new places had great time with loved ones. Since the first production of T1 the spirit of the car has not been changed and be transfered to the new VW Buzz. Over the time things have changed; people, the way people live, cities and most importantly the technology. There are new opportunities to enhace the user experience in terms of the spirit.


The way people live and the technology have been changing. There is a significant opportunity for new ways to be bound up with the soul of the T1 generation and adding value to the user experience.


The Explorer is a 3d printed multi-functional product that offers the user a new way of discovery while sitting in the autonomous car with its integrated smart-digital telescope and ambient light feature. While riding the car to go somewhere out of city at night, the sky is full of mystery. With the Explorer the Buzz not only takes you to places but also brings the sky full of stars to the interior. Besides this, the Buzz ambient lamp supports the characteristic design language of the car.

Need addressed by this product

People are always curious about things around them, things they can reach or things they can only see. The Explorer combines this need with the spirit of the car and provides an up-to-date experience to the users. People can observe the sky more detailed via the product mounted on the glass roof.

Further elaboration of the product

Taking advantage of the 3d printing technology the body of the product is a single unit. The product gets its energy via solar panels integrated on the top. There would be integrated microsuction tapes or sucking cups that help the product to hold on the glass roof.

Further elaboration of the product

The smart telescope view is displayed on connected devices. It can be the integrated iPad on the console. Both The telescope and Buzz lamp are contolled via smart devices.