Customizable Cushions
Good for use and aesthetics, cushions are aimed at offering comfort and individualize each traveler

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


During a long trip, your spine, especially the neck area, are exposed to an intensive effort and, usually your back touchpoints with the seat are with head and lower spine, the neck being the only one staying in the air.


You need to fill up the space in the neck area to offer more comfort to your spine, while sleeping or just seating.


During a long trip, each pessenger can benefit from a neck cushion in order to better relax spine. The cushions consists of 3d Printed Foam with a minimalist shape, folded in a 3d Printed cover. What is more, the cushion cover can be personalized for each passenger according to their needs and aesthetic tastes.

Need addressed by this product

The cushion addresses 2 needs: 1. Spine and neck comfort 2. Individualization of the car and its pessengers

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