The Real Dream Shady
A roller sun shade made of 3d printed fabric with customizable patterns

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


VW ID Buzz has large roof windows. They are great to observe the sky and create the sense of freedom. But during a trip on a hot and sunny day, strong sunlights might irritate the travellers.


Cars with large sunroof need a sun shade for the comfort of the passengers. But it is hard to find solutions which represent the style of the car owner. The existing solutions made by traditional production methods are limited and boring. It is not possible to generate unique, customised patterns for very limited quantity by using these production methods. The clients look for more freedom and customisation.


A roller sun shade for the big glass roof. It is made of 3d printed fabric with customizable patterns. Thanks to 3d printing technology, it is possible to produce even unique designs. Cartoonish patterns for families with kids and modern, stylish patterns for young people driven by design. It is mounted from the interior but also visible from the exterior for a customized, characteristic appearance.

Need addressed by this product

Different patterns, styles and colours for various tastes... Unlimited customisation options via an online app which helps to choose and generate desired style. It can be used also for the other car models with sunroof.

Further elaboration of the product

It helps you to show your personal style in the BUZZ. As The Real Dream Shady is also visible from the exterior of the VW ID Buzz just like a roof decal, it creates a customized exterior look. And it's easy to change it!

Further elaboration of the product

It is also suitable for commercial use. With a visible sign, it will be easier to identify and understand that your ride has arrived even when you are at your apartment.