Child seat
Make your child seat look comfortable and colorful

1: Families with kids


The seat for your child usually looks intricate and not attractive for the kids. Then, it is not so comfortable while sitting in it.


The kids' seat should be a place from their world - colorful and resembling an object from the real world.


The child seat resembles an egg from real world (a half of it), with a minimalist shape, that could be used and placed in different positions (fixed with the belt on back seat, kept by a parent etc). It could comprise different color variations on its back or inside of it. The seat frame can be made of 3d printed plastic and the interior of 3d Printed foam, to be comfortable.

Need addressed by this product

The child seat addresses the aesthetics and utility needs, by providing an eye-catching, fairy tale place for kids, that can be used in various ways.

Further elaboration of the product

Various colors for a large target group