Unique Organizer "made" by client multiple shapes/sizes WIP
Unique experience for each client to have their own organizer 3D printed on their favorite items.

Target groups

1: Families with kids


People spend a lot of time in their cars, and this means a lot of items around, all mixed together in the same places. Even we talk about families with kids or young adults focus on design and innovation they all have this problem with the lack of space and a total mess made by all items in the same place.


If there will be a possibility to organized your items in the car in your own way, based on your preference, passion, and most used items. It can help the customers to stay organized, save space and have their own little touch on the design.


Multifunction, a unique organizer, different size and shape with the possibility to be placed in different spots in the car - based on your own needs. It's cut shapes in metal or in polyamide (depend on the customers' desires) is practic, aesthetic - gives a feeling of personal touch in the car design process. A perfect organizer for favorite items, outdoor sports, kids supplies - or just aesthetic objects - like zen aromatherapy ball. It's detachable. personal and cool.

Need addressed by this product

3D printed (metal or polyamide) unique cut shapes - based on client's favorite Item - belongs- needs. Organizer, Space saver, custom, personal, aestetic, detachable.

Further elaboration of the product

bookshelf for kids - on the back seats

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