VRooM - the Versatile Rear Mount
A rear mount system that adapts to carry 1-2 bicycles, scooters, or a cargo box, or stroller, etc

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


  1. The target groups want convenience and vehicles that can keep up with the various demands of their lives.
  2. Bicycles, collapsible kid strollers, large coolers or cargo boxes - these are examples of things that people would rather carry on a rear mount than try to stuff into a car/van/microbus through its doors.
  3. I also envision a future where people will increasingly use cargo boxes, accessed from outside their vehicles, to get groceries/shopping delivered to where the Buzz is parked.


  1. Items like bicycles, scooters, stroller - people want to get them on and off the vehicle with least hassle.
  2. Even if a Buzz comes with a rooftop carrier (luggage rack), using that is often not easy, especially for short-stature individuals.
  3. Lockable, digitally connected, Rear mounted cargo boxes can provide an easy way for shopping bags and deliveries to be made to parked vehicles, and without requiring access to the main cabin or interior of the vehicle.


Use 3D printing to create a Versatile system of (1) Rear Mount hardware, which can be installed on the Buzz, and (2) matching adapters to be put on bicycles, scooters, cargo boxes, child strollers, cello cases, etc that allow those objects to easily latch onto the rear mount hardware, and just as easily be dismounted when needed.

The image: I tried to show a bicycle, and a cargo box on the ground, either of which could be mounted using appropriate 3D printed adapters to the rear mount VRooM.

Need addressed by this product

A user may need to carry different things on the rear mount, especially is he/she isn't planning to open the rear door. For e.g., a bicycle or two bicycles, or a cargo box (e.g. shaped like a spare wheel case here), etc. 3D printed adapters on these things will "mate" with the versatile rear mount.

Further elaboration of the product

The rear mounting system is 3D printed for LIGHT WEIGHT and strength, and for interoperability with different adapters on bicycles, cargo boxes, etc. Having that mounting system in place lets the user decide whether to put stuff inside the Buzz via its rear door, or hang it on the rear door :-)

Further elaboration of the product

In many situations, it shall be easier to hang the object (which has its adapters on it already) to the rear door mount, than to try to put the object on the roof luggage rails. If VW expresses interest in the idea, I shall find a collaborator for creating 3D files of a mounting system.

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