Shower Updated
A shower to make you comfortable

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Traveling in rural areas can be uncomfortable because it may be hard to find a good place to have bath.


A shower attached to the van will enable users to be freer while traveling. The need for a shower will be satisfied.


A shower for the ID Buzz will enable the user to have a bath anywhere while traveling. ID Buzz will be more comfortable for long trips. The shower will be another way to customize the look of the ID Buzz. The user can customize the look and style of the 3d printed shower to express his/her style with this innovative product. Using 3D printing will make the product more feasible to produce because the water carrying pipes and water holes of the product will be made in the same part.

Need addressed by this product

The shower enables a comfortable shower experience for the user. Moreover, it has a foldable surface which keeps the user's foot clean when having a bath. The look of the shower will be customized according to the user's taste (Form, Texture and Color)

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