Fridge on I.D. Buzz
Create a fridge to keep soft drinks or food cold.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


We observe that when people travels have to take an excess of baggage, moreover if they want to cook on the mininvan have to also take something more like a fridge to keep soft drinks, food or baby's bottle.


For this reason, we think that it could be a good solution incorporate a fridge on the I.D.Buzz. In this way, the people does not have to take a portable fridge.


We though about a minifridge integrated in the van. It is located in the box situated on the front of the van. In this case, this fridge has an space to put cans or bottles it on. Thanks to the guide on the middle of the van any passenger can take something of the fridge.

Need addressed by this product

There are two fridges one for each side, to this way is easier take what ever you want.

Further elaboration of the product

Here we can see the fridge closed and opened and its different parts. We will choose ABS to print the components.