a versatile and adaptable gadget that will help you hang and hold anything you need

Target groups

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


in order to make your van yours, you bring into it a lot of stuff and accesories needed for your adventures, or your everyday life missions...


Something to keep all the stuff that we bring to our spaces organized and in place is always needed, those little somethings that despite their simplicity solve a lot of problems.


Buzz monkey is a very simple yet sophisticated and versatile gadget that will help you hang & hold from wherever you like Bags, towels, caps, clothes, cables, or anything ... it is customizable so you can change it's arms to suit whatever you want to hang...

use your wit to solve your problems with the versatility and possibilities of the buzz monkey...

Need addressed by this product

use all of the monkey's parts ( head, arms, feet ) to hang or wrap stuff around, you can print different monkey arms ( types & sizes ) to suit your specific needs...

you could even design your own monkey arms...

Further elaboration of the product

play with the arm's positions to make the buzz monkey do a perfect job for you...

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