Safe and seated with interchangeable plastic buckle covers
Electronic safety lock that ensures your kids don’t remove their seat belts whilst you drive.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Kids are jumping around in the vehicles. Parents place then in the seats but most two year olds have figured out the clasp. With the interchangeable 3D cover you change the look of your interior based on your mood. Simple and stylish black or a fun and bright green.


Kids need to be safe allowing the driver to concentrate on driving and the buckle cover allows for an extra lock over the buckle.


Add a lock belt button on the drivers panel. Once the car is in Park and the engine off the button is deactivated for a smooth exit from the vehicle. You can also adjust the clip on the interchangeable cover to ensure no access release button. The clip moves up an cover slides over the release button

Need addressed by this product

Close up on Custom cover prints. The idea is that safety is something you can’t see but is needed in today’s busy world. It will be a simple addition to the current model but something completely new to market.