Folding Outdoor Chair
3d printed mesh surface rolls & covers metal sintered organic structure.

2: Young people driven by design & innovation and 1: Families with kids


Both target groups have great potential to have long vacations or outdoor experiences. Finding a seat in a camp or social outdoor activity always been a problem. People brings folding chair for such kind of activities.


It would be a great promotion product to give a compact folding chair designed specifically for the brands own customers.


A compact folding chair that packs itself when not in use. 3d printed mesh seating surface covers the 3d printed metal structure by simply rolling on it and the product can easily be transported or stored in the buzz.

Need addressed by this product

3d printed mesh seating surface rolls & covers the structure to pack it up. It is more compact &durable than the fabric ones. Emphasizing on the logo of the brand with colours & form at top view

Further elaboration of the product

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