Thermos with 2 cups
Cover of the thermos unit with 2 additional cups

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


When you are on ride, everyone likes to carry hot or cold drinks with you.


So a thermos is very suitable product to have in the car.


The thermos unit is covered with 3D printed hard plasticform to protect and with 2 cups , that can be screwed on bottom and as normally on top. With additional clips to be installed at suitable places, near the seats, it can be used during the ride, in times of rest, and with additional strap to carry with you, when you leave the bus

Need addressed by this product

Usage of the thermos, when unlocked from the clips

Further elaboration of the product

example design, strap to carry WIP, a strap to hook in the handles of the cups with carabiner...

Further elaboration of the product

example design with VW logo at the bottom of the cups and carry with

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