Buzz Pop-up Tire Chains
The integrated 3d printed tire chains provide a practical use during wintertime

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Having the T1 genes require searching for advantures - no matter what the outside conditions are like. Just decide on your destination and let it rip. While hitting the roads you may face some difficulties about hard weather conditions. Especially in wintertime putting chains on tires is a difficult thing to do.


To enhance the overall comfort of The Buzz, the users could have a better and more practical way of having the tires work better on snowy roads.


The Buzz pop-up tire chains offer an integrated solution for adapting the tires to challenging road conditions. Having 3d sintered metal structure helps the tires to hold on the road. Putting the chains on is easy; grab the elastic circular frame that the metal structures are holding and cross it over the tire. To put them back in their place do the process backwards.

Need addressed by this product

Further elaboration of the product

Further elaboration of the product

The structures are consist of intertangled units that make extensibility possible.

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