Grey Mesh
An organic, 3D printed, multifunctional mesh.

1: Families with kids


Kids play with toys during long trips, but because they lack a surface to play on they usually drop them, making a mess (small parts like Lego for example may break the rails inside). The same lack of work space is felt when using a laptop or browsing trough some magazines (usual activities during a long journey). The problem is the same with the storage space for the items mentioned above, the classic places being most of the time insufficient or out of reach.


Given the fact that the car is designed in such way that its owners will spend some time inside, a gadget that will ease all their activities (including playing with some Bionicles, or sketching in a travel journal) is required. This device should also be easy to remove, in order to save space inside, multifunctional and easy to store.


The solution for this problems is a slightly elastic, 3D printed mesh that, with the help of some minimal attachment points in the car, can create the surfaces or spaces required. The model of this web is inspired by the organic fibers of plants, it's surface being covered with holes of different dimensions that serve as cup holders, pen holders and many more. The mesh can be folded in order to create pockets (using tiny clamps) for storage space and also sun protection for the windows.

Need addressed by this product

  • work surface
  • storage space
  • sun protection

The image contains a preview of the mesh, a proposal for the structure inside and 2 reference products with similar qualities.

Further elaboration of the product

Why 3D printing is more efficient in this case?

The organic shapes and holes can be easily created, it allows the mesh to be thicker or thinner in some areas in order to increase or decrease some of its proprieties (like the density) and it can sustain the 'power web' feature inside its structure.