VW Barbeque Kit-Trip
A very useful kit when you're getting hungry in the wilderness

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Everyone loves BBQ. Especially when you have the proper tools : )


It's a practical update that (i think) most of the people would enjoy having from factory a BBQ kit in the car.


The kit main thing is that could have a 3D printed grill (there is technology that can print in metal as well). The rest of the tools are ordinary but very useful when you have them :D

The grill can me made from brass or steel pipe with holes to fix the steel bars (those can be stored inside the pipe).

The cleaning is yours :)

Need addressed by this product

Here are the elementary tools for having a nice BBQ.

Further elaboration of the product

everything can be made with the 3D printer.

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