Portable Buzz BT Assistant/ Music Player/ Speaker
Car speakers are portable BT assistants and speakers to eject and take with you outside the vehicle.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Most families now have Listening BT/ WIFI assistants, well what if you had that as part of your home and your car, and then take a car speaker with you?


People like the ease of just asking siri, alexa, or google to connect with smart tech around them usually to play music or entertainment. Surround sound is always well received over just a single box which is why a meshed system would be a plus.


Imagine being able to pop out a speaker and take it with you, this could be a new concept to cars today. Using conductive charging, and mesh surround (Sonos) music network this could be utilizing top tech out there today.

I think repackaging an assistant to a VW Buzz edition already out there (google/ apple/amazon) or could be advantageous for VW. I think this could be used as a surround sound extra with the car as well as camping/ beach accessory.

Need addressed by this product

Using the already Buzz pattern just adapt it to speaker cover and repackage a BT assistant to take with you. The simple idea could be a speaker cover, the next elaborate would be just a BT speaker, and the most elaborate would be to include a BT assistant with a magnetic/conductive charge.

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